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Tree Solutions Made Easy

Stump removal is the act of removing a tree stump from the ground in order to keep an area free of obstructions and reduce risk of injury.

The function of a tree stump is to stabilize soil around it and prevent erosion. When removed, the tree can be transplanted or replaced with other plants, giving you better access to your property and preventing damage to your yard or garden. In many cases, this process may be done at the owner’s expense.

Tree root removal involves digging up the roots so that you can put in a new plant without damaging surrounding foliage. This process also requires consideration for invasive species that may have been planted near your property by mistake.


At Pedro’s Tree Service, we believe in doing what it takes to keep your yard healthy and thriving. We are here to create a one-stop solution for all your tree needs and help you keep your trees healthy. There are many things we can do when faced with a tree that needs to come down. That’s why we’ve made the job easy for you with our unique removal process. All you have to do is decide which option you want and the rest will be handled by us.

Impressively Fast Stump & Root Removal

A scheduling appointment with our expert arborists is only a few clicks away online! Just tell us the date and time you want your work done and Pedro’s Tree Service will be there promptly on that date.

Quality Work at an Affordable Rate Never worry about being overcharged or surprised by hidden fees again! Our prices are set clearly online so you know exactly what you’re going to pay when you schedule your appointment with us!

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